Saturday, February 25, 2012

Violin Recital

A few weeks ago, my violin teacher had a recital for all her students at one of her student's home.  She has sixteen students. Even though she is a violin teacher, she teaches both piano and violin. I am her only violin student. For the recital, I played a piece called Concert in C minor by O. Rieding. while my violin teacher accompanied me on the piano.  Oskar Rieding (1840–1918) was a German violinist who composed many pieces for violin and piano.

I have been playing the violin for 1 year, and I practice everyday.   I practice a little bit during the week, but more on the weekends. It's hard to find time to practice the violin because I also have to practice the piano. The violin is a harder instrument than the piano because it is harder to made a beautiful sound, and to make the violin not sound squeaky.  That is something I still need to work on. I like both instruments equally and can't decide which one I like better.  Soon, I will also start learning to play the viola. The viola looks very similar to a violin, but it is a little bit bigger and has a lower pitched sound.

Do you play an instrument?

If not, what is your favorite instrument to listen to?

Monday, February 13, 2012

Sonata Opus 49 No 2 by Beethoven

During the classical period (1750- 1827) people were just learning to compose for the piano.The first piece written for the piano was in 1732 by an Italian composer Lodovico Giustovi.

Beethoven wrote music during the classical period . He was born in Germany in 1770 and died in 1827 at the age of 56.  Beethoven pieces are  divided into 3 periods, early, middle and late.  During the middle period starting in 1801, Beethoven started to become deaf when he was just 28 years old. The Sonata Opus 49 No 2 was written in 1805 when Beethoven moved away from traditional classical music and became even more creative.Beethoven created a new era of music called the Romantic period.

Beethoven gave his first performance when he was seven. As a teenager Beethoven traveled to Vienna, Austria and got to play for the great composer Mozart. Mozart was very impressed with Beethoven's talent and told people to watch out for him. 

My sister Miriam plays a piece by Beethoven called Fur Elise. It is one of her favorite pieces. Beethoven wrote that piece when he was deaf.

Sonata Opus 49 No 2 is considered one of Beethoven's easiest Sonata, but it is not very easy for me. It is especially difficult to play it fast without making mistakes. Here is me playing Sonata Opus 49 No.2 Part I.

Have you ever heard of Beethoven's music?

Do you like it?