A little bit about me

Me and my siblings
My name is Sarah and I am eight years old. I am in third grade. I have one older sister, one younger sister,  one younger brother and a pet dog, Romeo. My younger siblings, Michael and Hannah are twins and they are five years old. My older sister Miriam, is nine years old and is in fourth grade.  Miriam has her own blog  and taught me how to type on the computer. Miriam is an excellent older sister and tells me a lot about third grade. I will also be a good older sister to my little siblings. We all attend the same school.  We have a big family and we do a lot of fun things together. In my post, I will write about some of our adventures.

My violin teacher is accompanying me on the piano
I have three hobbies, gymnastics, playing the piano, and playing the violin. I  will be competing level six in gymnastics in Febuary. My favorite events are floor and bars and I train for twenty hours a week. I did a post about my last gymnastics meet.  I also play piano every day. My favorite composer is Bach. I will also have posts about different composers. After piano practice, I play the violin and I play in the junior orchestra.

I also love to read and my favorite author is Roald Dahl. Sometimes my sister and I read the same books. This summer we have been reading a lot of books about animals such as Black Beauty and King of the Wind. We both like animal books.

What are your hobbies?

What are your favorite books to read?