Monday, October 24, 2011

3rd Preliminary Gymnastics Competition

Grandma and I
This past weekend, I had my third preliminary gymnastics competition. This was the final competition before sectionals. If you get an all around score of 30.00 or higher, then you can compete at sectionals. This year, sectionals will be the weekend of Nov 5-6. I don't know yet which day or time I will be competing. My mom and my grandparents all came to watch me compete. It was my grandparents first time watching me do gymnastics.

At this meet there were 21 gyms that were participating. There were two judges giving scores for each event. Before we start competing an event, we are allowed to warm up some elements once or twice so you don't get hurt. My score improved a lot this meet as compared to my first preliminary competition. I had my highest all round score I have ever received as a level five gymnast.  I received first place on floor, with a score of 9.475.  On bars, I also got first place with a score of 9.300. On beam, I received second place with a score of 9.525.  My vault score was 8.500 and is an event that I definitely need to improve on. I have a heal problem and it hurts when I run and punch off the spring board so I haven't been practicing it very much. I took second place on all around with a score of 36.800 and my coaches were very proud of me after awards. I have qualified to Sectionals.

Waiting to do my vault

Warming up handstand for vault with my coach
Arabesque on beam
On the high bar

Second place medal for All Around

Do you like to watch gymnastics?
What is your favorite event?


  1. Dear Sarah,
    You did a great job and we all proud of you. Your hard work was paid off and we are proud of you.
    You look cute with your pig tails and new ribbons.
    Love you,
    Grandma Tanya and Grandpa Eugene

  2. Sarah!

    We are so excited you made it to the next level! Sectionals! That sounds so official and professional. You are so talented, we can't believe it. Did you know that Elana used to do tumbling gymnastics when she was little? You probably don't know because we don't like to talk about it...Elana was pretty terrible! Not like you! We are all so proud of you,

    Elana and Lloyd

  3. Dear Sarah,

    Congratulations! You look so cute with the purple ribbon in your hair and your leotard. I love watching you do all the flips and watching gymnastics!

    My favorite event is floor and bars because you do all those cool jumps and flips.

    Love you!

    Your sister,

  4. Anonymous said... Dear Sarah, We had a wonderful time this weekend. Watching you do such complicated elements was unbelievable. We are proud of you and very happy to have such grandaugher. You are a hard working girl and you have a goal. We think all your dreams will come true because you know what you want and nobody can stop you to reach this goal. We wish you every success. Love you. Grandma Mila and Grandpa Isay

  5. Dear grandma Tanya and grandpa Eugene,

    Thanks for the nice comment and thank you for making my pigtails. I really liked them and my coach really liked them too! Maybe you could come either to my state competition or Sectionals.

    Love you very much!


  6. Dear Elana and Lloyd,

    Thank you for commenting on my new post! You have to come watch me one time at a competition because I have improved a lot!

    What kind of flips did you do in your tumbling class? Was your tumbling class far away from your house?

    What activity did you do when you were little?


  7. Dear Miriam,

    Thanks for the really nice comment on my blog. I also like bars, floor, and beam. I like watching the beam because I like when the gymnasts do flips on it.

    Love you!

    From your sister,

  8. Dear grandma Mila and grandpa Isay,

    Thank you for the really nice comment that you left on my blog! Maybe you could also come to my Sectional competition and my State competition. You brought me a lot of luck.

    Love you very much!


  9. Dear Sarah,

    Congratulations on such a high scores and on moving to sectionals. You are amazing!!! In the pictures you look like a really strong competitor and also very cute.
    Good luck in next round.

    Great-aunt Olga

  10. Dear Sarah!
    We heard a lot about your achievements from your grandparents Mila and Isay. And also they sent us your blog to read. You are such a beautiful smart and talented girl! We are so proud of you and wish you the best! We love you very much and your siblings as well!
    Your relatives from San Francisco,
    Uncle Volodya and aunt Rina

  11. Dear Sarah,

    I really love your blog. It is very cool that you put gymnastics in your blog. Congratulations on winning second place! I really like gymnastics. I hope that my mom lets me take a class soon.

    I really like your Voki. It is very cute how you put dancing sunflowers and a moving sun. It is very funny that the sun has sunglasses.

    Your friend,

  12. Dear Sarah,

    A big congratulations to you! Wow! You are very talented!

    I enjoy watching gymnastics. I love the beauty, the balance, and the bravery shown by each athlete. Did you like the alliteration in that sentence? :-) I wish you all the best at the sectional and state competitions.

    As you know, I do yoga a few times a week. A goal for me was to do a handstand. I practiced and practice with some beginning moves and after about a year of strengthening (my body and my mind) I can now do a handstand. However, I do mine against a wall instead of up on a balance beam! Go Sarah!

    I love how you are commenting back to your readers. Under each comment there is a little "reply" link. If you comment back to your readers using that, then your comment back to them will be right below their comment. It makes it easier to follow a conversation using that function.

    Looking forward to seeing you in a few weeks! Enjoy the rest of your summer!

    Your proud former teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis


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