Monday, February 25, 2013

Enjoying a Day at La Jolla, San Diego

My Mom, Dad, and siblings and I on top of a rock.
On our last day at San Diego, we went to La Jolla and it was beautiful. There were steep cliffs, and the waves hit the soft sand on the shoreline of the beach. The ocean was dark blue, and in the distance I imagined great white sharks and other top predators swimming. Up close the water was light blue with white foam and I could almost feel the nice, cool water on my fingers.When the wind blew, I felt a very refreshing breeze on my skin and the taste of the fresh salty air. 

Miriam and I
When we arrived in La Jolla, I was surprised to see so many seals and sea lions.We first went to look at the sea lions. Sea lions have hindflippers that rotate underneath which allow them to walk on land. However, they swim underwater using there front flippers. There front flippers paddle like a wing of a bird.  These sea lions were very noisy and they smelled terribly. After that, we moved to an area with seals. Seals have long claws and hairy front flippers. By wiggling there belly, they move on land. To swim they use both there hind flippers and there front flippers.Unlike the sea lions, the seals just lay on the sand, enjoying the sun, and didn't make a sound.

My dad and my siblings and I
After watching the seals, we went to look at galleries. We saw many beautiful paintings and even some photos. The photos were my favorite. One photo was of an Autumn tree that had bright red and orange leaves, and they almost looked like a fire. I also liked a photo of beach at night with a sunset. The sunset had beautiful colors mixed with all the colors of the rainbow.

A noisy sea lion

Hannah and Michael on a bridge near the seals

Sea Lions hugging and kissing on top of a rock near the water

Lazy seals enjoying the sunny day on the sand

Video of the noisy sea lions

Have you ever been to San Diego?
Have you ever seen a seal or a sea lion near the shore?

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Piano Pieces by Hannah

My name is Hannah and I am six years old and in first grade. This is my first blog post.  I have been playing the piano and violin for 8 months. Today, my mom recorded a few pieces that I just learned. The first one is called Sonatina in F major by Beethoven. The second is called Badinerie by Bach. My sister Miriam played this piece when she was in third grade. Here is her post. The third one is called Sonatina by Kuhlau. My favorite piece is Badinerie. It is also the hardest piece for me because both hands have different melodies. It is hard to sometimes play loud and sometimes quiet. I am now learning Waltz of the Flowers from the Nutcracker Ballet. I will record it next time when I learn it better. I love playing the piano.

Which is your favorite piece?