Thursday, September 5, 2013

A visit to Sequoia National Park

I really enjoyed Sequoia National Park because of the big Sequoia Trees, all the rivers, and the cave. We drove up a windy road that went high into the mountains until we reached the Sequoia Trees. When we neared our destination, we saw many tall sequoia trees, with really wide trunks. We hiked up the trail, and when we stood next to the sequoias, we looked like tiny mice. As we continued up the trail, we saw a big boulder that fell, and attached to the sequoia. They looked like a married couple. These trees were my favorite part of Sequoia Tree National Park, and they brought beauty for many people to see.

 Another part of Sequoia that I really enjoyed were the Indian Head River, the Potwisha River, and Hospital Rock River. Our first stop was the Indian Head River, where we hiked down to get there. There weren’t many people there, and we didn’t spend much time there. We crossed the rocks with our grandfather, and swam a little bit. Our next stop was the Potwisha River which was very good for swimming and we had a wonderful time.  Our last destination was Hospital Rock where there were numerous people.  It was our favorite because you could cross the rocks, jump from boulders into the water, and swim. The water was very refreshing, after a hike to get there. I will never forget these rivers, and there unique features. 

The last day of our stay, we went to a cave. We hiked down a long strenuous path to the cave. During this hike, we saw a small waterfall.  Inside the cave, it was about 50 degrees Fahrenheit, but we were prepared with our warm jackets. It was also a very wet cave, and there was water dripping from the ceiling, and puddles on the floor. While walking around, we saw many stalacites hanging from the ceiling. Our guide led us into many different rooms that were all very unique.  In one room, our guide turned off her flashlight, and it was pitch black. She told us that the person who found this cave thought it was ugly because he couldn’t see anything. When she turned on the lights it was a beautiful room with a small river flowing on the side. I will never forget our trip to Sequoia, and the beauty of the places we saw.  

In the evenings, after spending the day exploring the park, we played chess in our cabin. There was not much else to do at this time. so my grandfather, me, and Miriam would play a game of chess.

Have you ever been to Sequoia?