Saturday, January 25, 2014

My Special Rug

My sister Miriam put together a rug, and when she finished and made it into a pillow, I ended up really wanting to make one myself.  My mother and I went to Michaels, which  is a special store that sells crafts, and I picked out a picture of a horse.  We also bought a blue latch hook which is used to attach the pieces of yarn to the canvas. Inside the kit there are four rolls of yarn, a canvas, and a color key. The color key tells you what color yarn to to use. The color key contains a symbol which stands for a specific color. For example, when I see a circle, that means I need to use light gold yarn, and when I see a triangle, then I use green yarn.

The colors needed to complete the picture are different shades of white, gold, brown, blue, and green.To make the rug, I used the hook to put a piece of yarn through a hole in the canvas. Then I wrapped the yarn yarn around the hook and pulled it through.I repeated these steps over and over again until the rug was finished and I had a picture of a horse. Once the rug was completed,  I went over to my grandmother's house and she taught me how to sew it together into a pillow. That night, I slept with my nice and fuzzy pillow.


The start of my rug,  latch hook, and the picture of what the rug was supposed to end up looking like.

All the materials

Good night!

What kind of crafts do you like to make?