Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Gymnastics Competition

A few days ago,  I had a competition. This meet was the first preliminary meet. A gymnastics has to receive a certain score to move on to sectionals. There are 3 preliminary meets and in order to move on to sectionals a gymnastics must get an all around score of at least 30.0.  At the sectional meet, you have to receive a score of at least 32.0 to move on to the state meet.

I am a level five and this is my first year competing this level. The highest level you could become is Elite which is one level above level 10.  As a level 5, I have to learn many new skills on each of the four events, beam, floor, bars, and vault.  On the beam, I  do a leap jump and a cartwheel. On the floor,  I do a dive roll, a front hand spring, and two back hand springs in a row. On the bars, I jump from the low bar to the high bar.  On the vault I do a front hand spring over the vault.

The judges score depends on if you have pointed toes, if your knees are straight, if your dance is correct and if you are doing everything big .The judges score varies and the highest score you can get is a 10. One of my couches got a ten on vault and bars. He was a great gymnast.

In this competition the judges were very hard and gave low scores . There were about 60 kids competing! On floor, I got first place and my score was  a 9.125. On the vault I got second place and my score was 8.95. On bars, I got third place and my score was  8.875. On the beam, I did not get a medal, and my score was 8.575. Sometimes the difference between first and second place is very small. For example the first place vault score 8.975. That is only a 0.025 point difference! When you add up all the scores from each of the four events you get an all around score. I got third place all around, my score was 35.525. That score qualifies me to attend sectionals in November.

Here is an Animoto video of my competition.

Create your own video slideshow at animoto.com.


  1. Dear Sarah,
    Great job!!!
    We all proud of you, you have a few more medals to display in your room.
    Next time we all may come to see you compete.
    Love you very much,
    Grandma Tanya

  2. Dear Sarah,

    Congratulations on your great accomplishment.
    You did so well on all the events and your all around score is amazing.
    Keep up the good work.
    I’m so proud of you!

    Great-aunt Olga

  3. Dear Saraha,First of all I want to tell you that I love you so much. Being so talented plus a hard working person as you are will give excellent results. You are not even eight but you understand that no pains no gains, bez truda ne batachish i ribku iz pruda. I am sure that only a hard working person can achive as much as you did. Your blog about the competition is amazing. You understand the decimal fractures when you want us to know the difference between first,second and third places. I am proud of you and wish you every success. Good luck to you! Love Grandma Mila and grandad Isay

  4. Dear grandma,

    Thank you for commenting on my post. I would love for all of you to come and watch me compete.


    PS. you are not allowed to put more than one exclamation on your comment or else it is not a quality comment. I just learned that from my teacher Mr. Yollis.

  5. @Olga,

    I am so happy you commented on my blog. Maybe next time you can come when I compete. The only problem is that it is in Long Beach at 1:45pm. I don't think I will have any more competitions that will be close to home. If you can't come, I will have to do another post to share with you. I love you very much.


  6. Dear Grandma Mila and grandad Isay

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. My dad told me that you might be coming to my next competition. I love you very much!


  7. Dear Sarah,

    Well done upon getting and doing this form of gymnastic.
    I know for a fact you need to put in one hundred and ten percent and from what I have read you sure have done that. Excellent work!

    Also well done you did so well and now your able to attend the sectionals in November. I wish you all the best for this coming event too.

    I bet your mum and dad are so proud of you keep up the great work.

    From your friend,


  8. Hello Sarah I am a level 4. I am hoping to go to level 5 this year. I just had my gymnastics competition 2 nights ago. I got a 1st place on pommel horse! How did the year end?


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