Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Hiking at Malibu Creek Park

Rock climbing
Last week, we went hiking to Malibu Creek Park with my friend Eleanor, my grandma Tanya, my mom, and all of my siblings.  When we got to the park, we went hiking up the trail.  Off the trail, we climbed a big hill of rocks. On the top of the rocks we saw all of the beautiful mountains.

River bed
When we came down  the rocks, we kept following the path until we reached the Creek. In the winter time there is a huge, deep, and fast flowing creek.  Since it's summer,  almost all of the water dried up so we were able to walk on the river bed. The river bed had many slippery and shaky rocks so  it was hard to cross.

When we crossed what used to be the creek, we saw cattails. Cattails can grow up to 3 to 10 feet long.  Cattails are one of the most common  plants that grow at the edge of ponds. My Grandma knew a lot of things about Cattails.  She opened a Cattail and there were seeds inside it. My Grandma gave everybody a couple of seeds and told us to blow on them  so each seed would fly away and grow into a new Cattail. 


Opened Cattail

As we continued to walk down the river bed, we saw an interesting bug. It was orange and had a blue bottom. We walked so much that everybody became very hungry.  Then we sat on a log and ate our lunches. After eating lunch, it was time to go back to our car. On the way back, we saw a hawk soaring high above us looking for food. We had an amazing day and came home very tired.
Interesting bug

Have you ever gone hiking in the mountains? 

What did you see?


  1. Hi Sarah,

    I love that park, I have hiked many times there. One of my favorite times of year to go is when the creek has water, it's fun to try to cross the creek without falling in!

    Love you,


  2. Dear Sarah,
    Beautiful pictures, I had so much fun in the park and may be we can go again when the creek will have water, then you will need help from your Grandpa Eugene to cross the creek, as you know it's not that easy. Also we can throw rocks into the creek and see who can do farther.

    Love you,
    Grandma Tanya

  3. Dear Sarah, We read your last blog with such great interest.You pay attention to the most important things such as river bed in summer,slippery and shaky rocks and cattails. I learned much from your pictures. Did you make all these pictures yourself or somebody helped you?The picture of a soar hungry hawk is amazing. You*ve shown us such colorful bug. Sarochka,for us you are unique.We love you so much and wish you the best.We are looking forward for new blogs. Love you, Grandma Mila and grand dad Isay August 18 2011

  4. Dear Sarah,

    what a wonderful time you are having during your summer holiday.

    I love the fact that you went hiking.
    When I lived in the High country I used to do a lot of hiking.

    The fun bit about hiking in the high country was when we would cross creeks and the challange was not to fall in and get soaking wet.
    I have to admit 9 times out of 10 I used to fall in while everyone would just laugh!

    Even now and then would come across some wild life. We even saw a platypus and they are very rare to spot. :)
    Platypus live in freshwater and rivers.

    Happy Hiking!

    From your friend,

  5. Thank you for commenting on my blog.
    I also like to go when there is a lot of water. Next time we go to Malibu Creek Park, you can come with us.


  6. @Tanya,

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. Maybe we can take you, Elana, and Eugene and go to Malibu Creek Park in the winter after it rains. It was so much fun having you come to Malibu Creek Park.


  7. I have a joke for you:

    Q: what do you call a purple gorillla?

    A: A grape ape!

  8. @Grandma Mila

    Thank you for commenting on my blog. I did not take all the photos, but I took most of them. My favorite time of year to visit the park is during the winter time because there is a lot of water.



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