Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This past weekend my siblings and I were all in a wedding. The wedding was at a restaurant located on a tall mountain. The ceremony was outside and had a beautiful view of the mountains and sunset. In the beginning, my sister and I where the entertainers. We played the piano while all the guests were arriving. When everybody had arrived, my little sister Hannah was the flower girl and walked in front of the bride throwing flowers. My little brother Michael was the ring boy, and carried the rings down the isle and gave it to the best man. My older sister Miriam and I were holding the bride's dress while she walked down the isle. The bride looked beautiful!


The beautiful bride

View from inside the restaurant

After the ceremony, we went inside the restaurant. In the restaurant when they opened the curtain we saw the beautiful view of the city and mountains. All the children sat together at the kids table and my mom and dad sat next to us at table one. We had to wait a long time until we got our food because the bride was taking photos. For dinner, all the children got chicken nuggets with french fries which were delicious.

The wedding had traditions from 4 different cultures, American, Russian, Uzbek and Jewish. One of the traditions was that everyone had to scream out Gorka which means bitter in Russian. When the audience said Gorka the bride and groom had to kiss in order to make everything sweet. At the wedding there was also lot of music, singing and dancing. We all had a lot of fun and went home very late.

What kind of special traditions have you seen at weddings?


  1. I loved your dress at the wedding! Were you nervous playing music in front of all the guests? I am happy to hear you are getting practice behaving yourself at other people's weddings because soon you will be at mine! Love you,


  2. Dear Sarah,
    You all look like little angels,
    You had a lot of fun and also entertained the guests. I am sure everyone was amazed how good you can play so keep practicing.
    Love you,
    Grandma Tanya

  3. Dear Sarah,

    Thank you for this beautiful post.
    I really enjoyed reading and the photos which you included to make this post so special.

    You all looked lovely! Just perfect with the bride.

    I do know a couple of wedding traditions. Many Italian weddings which I have attended the guests would tap on a glass with a spoon as this is a sign for the bride and groom to engage in a kiss. Also the bride and groom would give at gifts of sugar coated almonds wrapped in tulle as a thank you gift for the guests.
    Which is always nice to receive.

    Also when the bride and groom leave the wedding party all guests are invited the next day to the brides parents home for another celebration.

    From your blogging friend,


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