Sunday, November 4, 2012

Hannah's Fall Concert

In the past two months, Hannah learned 4 new pieces, all written by different composers.She learns new pieces really quickly and memorizes them fast as well after playing them a few times. Her hand is still small and it is sometimes hard for her to reach all the notes and play fast. She is getting better with practice.

Her first piece is Sonatina in C major by M. Clementi. Clementi wrote during the Classical period. This piece has 3 movements, a fast movement, a slower lyrical movement with a beautiful melody, and a fast lively movement.  Of the 4 pieces she played, this one was probably the hardest.Which was your favorite movement?

The second piece is Sonatina in G major by Beethoven. Beethoven also wrote during the classical period. This piece has two movements and they are both fast with a very nice melody.  It is a very famous piece and both Miriam and I played it 2 years ago. This piece is probably my favorite.

The third piece is called Wild Horseman by Schumann. Schumann was a German composer, who composed during the Romantic period (1810-1856).  When Hannah plays this piece, I think of people riding horses in a horse shows.

Finally, the last piece she played is called Musette in D major by Bach. Bach is also a German composer who composed in the Baroque period. When I think of this song I think of waves hitting the shore at the beach. This piece has a gorgeous melody and Hannah plays it beautifully. Our piano teacher believes that it is important for us to play Bach, so we are always playing at least one new Bach piece.

Which piece was your favorite?


  1. Dear Sarah !
    Your new post is wonderful . We see big improvment in your playing. Hannah amazed
    me . Keep doing such wonderful job !
    We love you so much and we proud of you.
    Grands Mila & Isay

    1. Dear Grandma Mila and Grandpa Isay,

      Thank you for your wonderful comment. I love to play and learn music. Hannah is very happy that you saw her play.


  2. Dear Sarah,

    Once again what a lovely post. I really loved listening to Hannah playing the piano. For as you know I love to hear someone play the piano and to hear and watch Hannah playing the piano was like music to my ears.

    I loved all three pieces. Do you have a favourite Sarah?



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