Saturday, April 20, 2013

Desert Hot Springs

Miriam and our friend Yasmine
Recently, we went to the Desert Hot Springs. It was about a twenty minute drive from our hotel.  While driving, there was a sand storm, and we could hear sand hitting our car. We assumed it would be a warmer day, but it turned out to be on the cooler side. When we arrived to the hot spring,  it was very windy, but we still were tempted to go swimming. Right after our parents paid and got towels, we instantaneously jumped into the Jacuzzi. Our friends came with us. They came from Israel to stay with us for the week in Palm Springs.
There were eight pools, and one lifeguard that watched the largest pool. The smaller the pool the warmer it was. All the pools had fresh water non-chlorinated water, which meant we could open our eyes under water. We were very happy that the water didn’t have chlorine because we forgot to take goggles. The water temperature was 85-110 degrees Fahrenheit.  The water was very warm, and we first went into the warmest Jacuzzi to warm up from the cold wind. It felt very nice, and we wished we brought our books to read in the water.

Hannah and me playing in the pool

After staying in the Jacuzzi, we felt very hot, we went into the bigger pool which was very refreshing. In this pool we played numerous made up games such as horse training. We took turns giving each other piggyback rides, and we raced each other to the finish line. Then, we swam a few laps of the strokes until we were exhausted and famished and were ready for our lunch.

For lunch, we had sandwiches with salami, juicy and scrumptious fruits, and delicious yogurt.   Our repast was delicious, and when we finished, we jumped back into the pool.  I helped teach my friends little sister how to swim. She was only 6 and in one day, she learned how to swim without her floaties. It was very pretty at the Desert Hot Springs. When you looked out at the view you saw mammoth-sized boulders, hills, and mountains.  I felt and smelled the nice, fresh air of wind on my legs and arms, and heard the kids screaming and playing games in the pool. We played in the biggest pool for another 2 more hours until it was time to leave. We wiped ourselves, changed, and gave our towels back. I had a fun day, and thanked my mom for making it so entertaining. 

Have you ever swam in a hot spring?


  1. Dear Sarah,

    Wow what a great post about your trip to the hot springs.
    I really enjoyed reading this post plus your other posts too. Your photos were great. I have never swam in a hot springs but after reading your post I sure would like to.

    After reading your post I felt like going for a nice hot springs swim. The loved how you all had an awesome time playing, laughing together one of many joys of life when with family members and friends.

    I read where you drove right into a dust/sand storm. Were you able to see out in the distance or was the dust/sand blocking your view.

    I can't believe it Sarah you will soon be on your summer break are you looking forward to your holidays. Are you planning to go anywhere during your summer holidays?

    Take care Sarah and say a huge hello to your mum from me please :)

    From your pal down under,

  2. Dear AA,

    Thank you so much for spending the time to leave me such a lovely comment. I appreciate all of the wonderful comments you always leave on my blog.

    During the sand storm, we were able to see close, but not far. There was to much sand and dust flying everywhere.

    I really am looking forward to summer break and all the holidays. I will be able to spend more time with family members during this time. Did you go on vacation during your summer break.



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