Sunday, May 26, 2013

Hannah's New Piano Pieces

I learned many new piano pieces over the spring months.

  • Waltz Of The Flowers (from the Nutcracker Ballet'') by Peter Tschikowsky  
  • Sonatina in G Major by Kuhlau
  • March /Marche Op. 65, No. 10 by Sergei Prokofiev
  • Dance by Dmitri Shostakovich
  • Anna Polka by E. Strauss

First I played Waltz Of The Flowers ( from the Nutcracker Ballet'') by Peter Tchaikovsky. I had to press the pedal while playing the piece. This was my favorite piece because its from the Nutcracker Ballet and I like to watch the ballet. In the ballet, Clara is dancing with the nutcracker who turned into a prince.

The second piece my mother recorded was Sonatina in G- major by Kuhlau. For this piece I had to practice it slow, count, and play with strong fingers. Next my mom recorded the song March /Marche Op. 65, No. 10 by Sergei Prokofiev. For the is piece I had to keep the beat because it is a march.  I had to practice it with the metronome and it took a long time for me to learn. This  piece sounds like solders marching in a parade.

Next I recorded the piece called Dance by Dmitri Shostakovitch. For this piece, I had to play loud and quiet and also not rush the melody. My piano teacher wanted me to count out loud, but I never counted because I do not like to.  I also had to play with all the right fingers.

The final piece  I recorded was Anna-Polka by E. Strauss. For this piece, I had to count, and I to play staccato with strong fingers.  Both Dance and Anna Polka are  happy pieces because it sounds like people are dancing at a party.

I hope you enjoy the songs that I recorded. I have been practicing all of these songs very hard.

Which piece was your favorite?


  1. Dear Hannah!
    It was a great pleasure to read and listen
    your post. You are a beautiful and talented
    young lady.
    You will achieve great successes if you work hard as your sisters Miriam and Sarah.
    We love you !
    Grands Mila and Isay

    1. Dear Baba Mila and Deda Isay,

      I really like your comment. thank you for visiting my blog. Next time I am going to record some songs on the violin.

      I hope to see you soon.


  2. Dear Hannah, our little Angel,
    We are very proud of you, you are great. At your age to play this well it;s amazing.
    You tiny hands are so fast and you can play without the scores.
    We love you,
    Grandma Tanya and Grandpa Eugene

    1. Dear Baba and Detha,

      I really like your comment. thank you for visiting my blog. Next time I will be recording some songs on the piano.

      I love you very much.


  3. Hannah,

    Don't tell your sisters but I think you're the most talented musician in the family ;) ... I love you SO much and I hope I get to see you soon!



  4. Dear Sarah,

    Bravo bravo all the way from down under.

    You always amaze me just what a wonderful piano player you are.

    I really wish BB was still playing the piano. The piano is my second all time favourite.
    But in saying this BB did play a special piece of music on the piano for me on the weekend which made me smile.

    Enjoy your summer holidays Sarah.
    Take care.

    AA :)


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