Monday, July 1, 2013

Spectacular Beaches and Amazing Views

Fleming Beach
Recently, we flew to Maui, Hawaii. It was a long flight, and we were kept busy doing our homework, reading and playing games like Uno and cards. When we neared Maui, we saw lights of the city. The island is large with many sandy beaches and warm calm waters.

Wailua Falls
One day we took a trip to the city of Hana located on the eastern part of the island.  In the middle of the drive it started pouring, but it rained warm rain. It wasn't surprising to us because it was a rainforest and everything was very green. While driving, we saw many tropical fruit trees such as Guava and apple bananas. To keep us busy on the drive, we bought a CD, that talked about all the sites and guided us around this part of the island. Check out Miriam's post for more details about our drive.  It was about a 3 and half to 4 and a half hour drive through the amazing rainforests.

Black Sand Beach
As we approached Hana, we stopped at Waianapanapa State Park, also known as the Black Sand Beach. It has black sand from the volcanic rock.  While the black sand was nice and soft, the water had large black rocks that hurt are feet. We therefore wore our water shoes when swimming. In this beach, the surf was high, pulled us in, however, the water was very nice and refreshing. We couldn't go out far because of the huge waves. Only our dad went in all the way in the water, and he didn't even have water shoes.

Black Sand Beach

Red Sand Beach
When we left, we drove a little more, and parked on the streets near Hana School. Our next stop was Kaihalulu known as the Red Sand Beach. We had to to hike a few miles to get to this beach. We hiked up the hills and down the mountains. It was a very hard hike because it the sand was slippery, and we were high up. When we finally reached the beach, we saw gigantic red boulders above a beautiful blue pool of water. Although the waves were high, the large boulders blocked all the big waves. It was a very nice and refreshing swim before our trip back home.

View of the Volcano from the car driving back
For our long drive home, we decided to take the other way through the barren volcanic land.  While driving, this road took us high up, and there was a gorgeous view of the ocean. The ocean was turquoise near the shore, and gradually became darker blue. The other side of the road had a view of Haleakala Volcano.  It was hard to keep our eyes on the road. The rode was bumpy and unpaved for part of the trip.

Do you enjoy going to the beach? 
What do you like to do there?


  1. Oh, you guys went to one of the most beautiful places. We're so happy for you. We'd love to visit there too. You're so lucky. We love your story and your pictures. We hope to see you soon and hear all about it. Have a wonderful Summer Sarah.

    Maria and Oxana

    1. Dear Maria and Oxana,

      Thank you so much for spending the time to leave me such a lovely comment. I am very happy that you have been reading all my posts, and have been looking at the photos I have been taking.

      I miss you very much and hope to see you soon!


  2. Dear Sarah and all of you,
    I wish I could be there and not at work in the office.
    I never seen a red sand beach and can only imagine how nice it's looks.
    You had a great vacation and should thank your parents for this wonderful time.
    You have beautiful pictures.
    Can't wait to see you and hug you.
    Grandma Tanya and Grandpa Eugene


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