Saturday, January 17, 2015

Guest Post by Hannah: A day at the beach

My Family and I 
During winter break, My family and I went to the Santa Monica Beach. It was a really fun day. Michael and I took our scooters because we wanted to ride on the bicycle path, and Sarah, Miriam, and my mom wanted to go rollerblading.

My sisters
 The beach was very crowded that day, and we were lucky to find a parking spot right near the bike path.  Michael and I took our scooters out of our car and helped our sisters get on there roller blades. It had been a warm day, and the sky was very blue. After my sisters and my mom got there roller blades on, we started walking to the bicycle path. Michael and I went ahead of our sisters. My dog Romeo was pulling my mom while she was rollerblading. Romeo really wanted to be in front of Michael and me, so the faster we scooted the faster my dog would pull my mom. After skating and scootering for an hour, we were ready to turn around and go back to our car to each lunch. My mom brought with her sandwiches and fruit for lunch.

Michael and I

Michael climbing the rope
After we ate, we saw some bars, rings, beams, and ropes to climb. We took some chalk, and my family and I went to do some pull ups and leg lifts on the bars.  Then Sarah and I went to climb the ropes. she climbed to the top first, and then I climbed underneath her. Afterwards, we went to the rings. Since Michael was going first, we told him to hold on to the rings tight. Then we started pushing him back and forth. He was easy to push because he was light. When his hands started to hurt, he jumped off, and it was my turn. My siblings pushed me very hard and I flew up high like a bird. It was really fun.

Swinging high on the rings

Sarah practicing her beam routine for gymnastics
Then we went to the beam. We took turns playing this really fun game that we made up. We have never really made a name for this game, so we just call it knock them off. The game is played with two people on the beam, and each person has to push the other person off the beam. Michael and I played against each other, and Sarah and Miriam played against each other. Sometimes Michael pushed me off, and  sometimes I pushed him off first.

Sarah on the tight rope
Finally, we saw people trying to balance on a tightrope. My siblings and I really wanted to try balancing on it, so we asked if we could try. Sarah tried first. She was actually the best of all of us. When It was my turn to try to balance I kept on falling off, so I asked Sarah if she can hold me while I walk across it. It looked really easy when the experienced people walked the tight rope, but it was hard when I tried it. When we were done taking turns balancing on the tightrope,  it was time to go home. My family and I had an amazing time and hope to come back to the beach more often.

My sisters, brother, dog and I

What did you do over winter break?


  1. It sounds like a great vacation!
    I really like the photos you took!

  2. @ Hannah,

    What a fun day spent at the beach! I used to roller blade down on the boardwalk! Unfortunately, my roller blades broke about two years ago, and I have not purchased another pair. Perhaps I will now!

    We used to play a game similar to the one you played on the beam. We used to call it King of the Mountain. However, we played it out in the water. One person would be on a diving dock. Everyone would try and climb up and push the "king" off, then they would become "king".

    What advice would you give to someone trying to be successful on the tight rope?

    Your blogging buddy,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

  3. Hi my name is Ashton. When i was scrolling down and i saw that you do gymnastics and you have two sister's and one brother.
    my Questin. When do you go for you'er gymnastics?
    What is your school cord?
    How long is your beach?

  4. whoah i guess it's your great vacation day, i had an experience about trying to balance on a tightrope when i was 14 years old, it's realy fun. I wish i can do it again, but now i'm 25 years, i'm be shy to do it.


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