Saturday, May 2, 2015

Gymnastics Level 6 State meet

Awards after the competition 
I recently attended a a gymnastics state meet competition in San Diego. In order to compete at States, a gymnasts needs to receive a 32.00 all around score or higher during a previous meet. This was my first year being an optional. An optional gymnast is allowed to choose her own music and choreography for the floor and beam routine. There are four events, floor, beam, vault, bars, and my highest scores were on beam and vault. My scores were 9.550 on beam, 9.20 on bars, 9.275 on floor, and 9.475 on vault. I got 6th place on all around with a score of  37.50.

On vault, the only difficult part is to stick the landing. I stuck my first vault, however took a small step on my second. On floor, the difficult part is also the landing, however you also have to make the tumbling passes powerful. The higher the flips, the more points you receive. On beam, the hardest element for me is the full turn, as I get nervous on that and wobble. I wobbled a little bit on the turn, so I didn't get many points off. Another difficult skill is the back walk over back walk over. To get full credit, you have to stick the landing, and connect both of the back walkovers. The last skill of the routine is the dismount. The dismount is a front pike off the beam, and you have to stick the landing to not get any deductions. Bars is the hardest event for me because it is easy to fall. The hardest part is the cast handstand. It is hard to get the cast exactly at handstand, as you could cast a little to hard and go over, or not cast hard, and not make it to hand stand. I luckily made my cast handstand on both the low bar and the high bar. My dad couldn't video my bars, as it was too far away from where he was sitting, however he got all of my other events. 

Next year, I will be a level 7, and my routines will get even more challenging. I hope you enjoy watching!

In the previous competition, I got first place on floor with a 9.600. Here is the video of the floor routine from that competition.

 Beam and Vault Routine from my state competition

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