Sunday, October 25, 2015

Putting it all Together

Puzzle #1
Puzzle #2
Over the past couple of months, I have been working on completing multiple puzzles. The first puzzle I attempted was a 500 piece puzzle of a lake with swans swimming around, and beautiful houses in the back-round, with fireworks. When doing any puzzle, you start by doing the edges, which are the outer border of the puzzle. After that is done, you start doing the inside, by picking any small object in the picture to start with. You continue doing that, until you put the final pieces of the puzzle together. After completing the 500 piece puzzle, I decided to challenge myself by trying a 1000 piece puzzle. This is a gorgeous puzzle that describes a snowy winter night in the forest with the aurora lights in the sky. Gray wolves are seen lurking around and howling in the background.

After finishing a puzzle, I glue it onto a piece of card board, and put it up on my counter. This is a multiple step process starting with flipping over the puzzle onto the back side. To do this, we sandwiched the puzzle by two card board papers, and quickly and carefully, flipped it over. After that was done, we spread glue all over the puzzle, and left it to dry for about two hours. When we came back, the puzzle was completely stuck together, so none of it fell apart when we picked it up. Finally, we cut the card board to fit the size of the puzzle, and glued it on.  Puzzles are one of my favorite hobbies, and I hope to attempt another beautiful image soon! 

All the pieces are stuck together

Almost done!

What is  your favorite hobby? 
Have you ever tried to complete a puzzle?

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