Friday, June 22, 2012

Tropical Fruits from the Farmer's Market

While on vacation on the island of Kauai in Hawaii, we went to the farmers market.Every day there is a farmers market located on a different part of the Island. On Friday, the farmer's market is near where we are staying, on the east side of the Island.  At the farmers market. we saw many different kinds of fruits and vegetables.  We took some of them home and tasted them. Last year, Miriam did a similar post with fruits we found on the Big Island.

Mountain apple
 Mountain apple- This tropical fruit doesn't really tastes like apples, it tastes more like a pear. It is white on the inside, and dark red on the outside. This fruit is very sweet and juicy. It was everyone's favorite. 

Chiku- It has a very hard shell, but on the inside it looks like a grape. It is much sweeter than a grape, and it also has a small black pit. I didn't really like this fruit because it was too sweet. 

Longan- It has a brown skin that you peel before you eat the inside. Longan is extremely sweet and it kind of tastes mushy. In the inside it has a few black oval shape pits. Miriam was the only one who liked this fruit. 

Passion fruit- This tropical fruit is very sour. You cut it in half and then you only eat the inside. There are many small seeds inside that you eat.  The seeds are somewhat slimy, but delicious. 

White pineapple- It  looks like a regular pineapple but it is white in the inside instead of yellow. This pineapple is low in acid which makes it extra sweet.

Soursop, This tropical fruit is related to the Cherimoya family. The outside of this fruit it is very prickly, but it has a very sweet and sour taste inside. It doesn't taste like any other fruit I tried.  The inside is also kind of hard to chew because it is high in fiber. 

Sunrise Papaya,  This papaya is smaller and milder in taste compared to the maradol papaya that is found in California and Mexico.  This fruit is very sweet, and it tastes like a melon. 

Sunrise papaya


Passion fruit
White pineapple

When we were at the farmers market it was very hot, and one of the farmers was selling coconuts.  He cut out the top and put a straw inside so we could drink the water. It tasted like sweet water, but it wasn't my favorite.


Some of the farmers were also selling colorful tropical flowers that were red, yellow, pink and green.

Cooking bananas vs lady finger bananas

At the farmer's market we saw 3 types of banana, apple banana, lady finger banana, and cooking banana. The apple banana looked just like a regular banana except it smaller and fatter. It is also a little more tangy than the regular banana. The lady finger banana are tiny and are also called sugar banana because of their sweet taste. Cooking bananas are also known as plantains. They were really big and thick, but we never tried them to see how they taste. 

Other fruit that we saw at the market were  mangoes, lichee, bitter melon, squash, and jack fruit.

Hannah holding a humongous and heavy squash

Have you tried any of these fruits? 
Which was your favorite?  
Have you tried any other exotic fruits?


  1. Dear Sarah,

    Thank you for sharing this yummy post with us all. I really loved reading all about your big trip to the fruit farmers market.

    Your photos were great too. Now my favourtie which I love to eat are the Lady finger bananas and the passionfruit.

    May goodness I am so impressed with Hannah holding that huge squash. I am pretty sure that here in Australia were call them marrows.

    Great post Sarah, I hope you are enjoying your summer holidays.

    From your friend down under,

  2. Dear Sarah,
    It's looks you have a great time, I also like farmers markets and you can see all different fruits that you can't fine in California.
    Try to taste all different fruits.
    What do you like the most?
    Miss you and can't wait to hug you all,
    Grandma Tanya and Grandpa Eugene.

  3. Dear Sarah,

    Somehow I missed your fabulous post about Hawaiian fruit! I just discovered it when I saw Miriam's post with the poll on it.

    Mr. Yollis and I went to the farmers' markets quite a few times. We bought a pineapple one time. When we first arrived, we bought a big bunch of tropical flowers and they lasted for our entire vacation!

    Which fruit was your favorite?

    Your proud former teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis


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