Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Playing Piano with my Little Sister

Hannah and I recently learned a few new songs that we wanted to share with you. They were written in different periods of music. The first song we recorded was played by Hannah. It is called Nocturne by F.Chopin. Frederic Chopin was born on 1810 in Poland, and died in 1849 when he was just 38 years old. He composed music in the early Romantic Period (1820 to 1850).  The music in the Romantic Period had more feelings and emotions to the music. To read more about Chopin, you can visit my earlier post. Another famous composer that lived in this period is Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky. My little sister Hannah played some of his pieces.

The next song was played by me. It was called Sonatina Op. 36, No. 2 Movement III by M. Clementi. Muzio Clementi was born on January 24,1752 in Rome. He was an Italian composer and pianist, and was the first to write specifically for the piano.  He was born during the classical period 1750-1820. The classical period composers were the first to write for the piano and are best known for piano music.  Most of the pieces Miriam and  I play are from the classical period.  To learn more about Clementi, you can visit Miriam's blog. Other important classical composers that I play are Beethoven and Haydn. Miriam also plays pieces by Beethoven and Haydn.

The next song was played by Hannah. It is called variations on the Russian theme by  N. Lubarsky. He is a Russian composer, but I couldn't find what year he composed in. In fact, I couldn't find anything about this composer. Can you find any information about him?

Finally, the last song I played together with Hannah is a waltz called "Waves of the Danube" By  I. Ivanovici. "Waves of the Danube" was first published in Bucharest, in 1880.

Here is the video of all the songs we recorded:

Which one was your favorite?


  1. Dear Sarah and Hannah,

    I always enjoy listening to you play! It is like have a concert in my house any time I want! Thank you for that!

    Muzio Clementi's pieces are so melodic, I have been a fan of his since I was taking lessons as a little girl. Plus, he has a fabulous first name! :-)

    Hannah's Chopin Nocturne was lovely. What is a nocturne?

    Finally, I always love a duet! The violin and piano are a perfect combo! When I was taking piano lessons, I used to play a lot of duets with my mom. One favorite was called Country Dance, but I'm not sure who composed it. Do you ever play any piano duets?

    My mom used to get her students playing a two piano, eight hand piece! It was a lot of work getting it together, but wow was it something when they were ready to perform!

    Does you brother play any instruments?

    Your proud former teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

      Thank you so much for leaving me such a lovely comment. Miriam and I used to play duets together on the piano (4 hands), but we haven't played any recently. We tend to argue when we play duets and both us prefer not to do piano duets. We like to do violin and piano duets much better. We have 2 pianos at home, but they are in separate parts of the house so I don't think we can play 2 pianos at the same time.

      My little brother just started to play the piano. He wants the guitar but my mom said that he needs to learn the notes first and then he could play the guitar


  2. Hello Sarah and Hannah,

    How wonderfully talented you both are, so well practised and it is very clear to see how much you enjoy playing. Thank you for letting me listen to your beautiful recital and thank you to Mrs Yollis for sharing the link.

    Mrs Shaw

  3. Dear Mrs. Shaw,

    Thank you so much for leaving me such a lovely comment. D0 you play any instruments?

    Who is your favorite composer and why?

    I hope you will visit my blog again.


  4. Dear Sarah and Hannah,
    You are playing better with every day, I love how you play, your little fingers move so fast over the keys that I can only wonder how you can do it. It's looks that you enjoy playing and I hope you will continue to play.
    I will try to find for you more information about the Russian composer Lubarsky.
    Love you,
    Grandma Tanya


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