Saturday, August 4, 2012

The Gala Finale Orchestra Concert

At the end of May, I had my final orchestra concert of the year. We have a total of three concerts every year. On the day of the concert, we had to come early because we had a dress rehearsal in a gorgeous hall. When we got of stage after our dress rehearsal, we brought our lunches and our games and played for an hour until it was time for us to go on stage.

Here are the songs we played: The first song we played sounded slow and sad.Some violins had a solo part, and they played the high notes which usually is the melody and the rest of the violins played the lower notes. The second song sounded very fast and happy, but it wasn't my favorite.  The next song we played was also very slow, but I thought sounded the most beautiful. It was my favorite.   The final song was also very fast and loud. The cellos started playing first and carried the melody, but then the violins took over and we all played together. Which was your favorite?
In front of the concert hall

  • Recuerdos De La Alhambra By Francisco Tarrega
  • David and Michael By Carrie Lane Gruselle
  • Along the River By Elena Roussanova
  • Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest By Hans Zimmer

Once we finished our part, the older children in the philharmonic played their pieces. They sounded amazing, and they even had a soloist sing some opera pieces.  Since it was our last orchestra concert, we had a reception for everyone that performed that day.  It was also a chance for me to see up close some large percussion instruments. Do you know their names?

At the reception we had cookies, cupcakes, and drinks.  We were all tired and hungry and it was the perfect ending to a long day.  Next year I am going to try out for first violin and see if I make it. I hope I do!

Which is your favorite instrument in an orchestra?


  1. Dear Sarah,

    Congratulations on your Gala Finale Orchestra Concert! Wow!

    It was exciting to see and listen to the orchestra! I think my favorite number was the Pirates of the Caribbean Dead Man's Chest By Hans Zimmer. It was quite powerful!

    One of the things I liked about the video is that I got to see you among all the musicians! It looks like your videographer had a pretty good seat!

    I notice there is a conductor. How does a conductor help the orchestra?

    Your proud former teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

      Thank you so much for leaving me such a lovely comment. My mom was the videographer and she kept moving her seat to find a perfect spot to video me. She said it was hard to see me among all the other musicians.

      The conductor helps us play together, and she tells us which instruments are supposed to play quiet and loud. She also teaches us how to play every Saturday. We are all expected to learn our parts on our own, but she helps us sound good together. She is very nice and I am lucky to have her.

      My sister Hannah wants to be a conductor when she grows up.


  2. Dear Sarah!

    It was beautiful to see and hear you among such
    talented children. We loved all four pieces you played but the first one is our favorite.
    We wish you success playing the first violin in September.
    We are sure you could do it.
    Love you.We are proud of you
    Grands Mila & Isay/

    1. Dear Grands Mila & Isay,

      Thank you so much for leaving me such a lovely comment. Hopefully, I will be first violin in September. Maybe you can come to one of my concerts.

      I miss you very much and hope that I will see you soon.


  3. Dear Sarah
    I think the orchestra put on a grand performance for the final concert. You seem to be one of the younger members of the orchestra so I think it's wonderful that you have a goal of trying out for first violin next year. I do hope you are successful.

    Like Mrs Yollis, I liked the final piece best. I don't think I have a favourite orchestral instrument, I just enjoy the combinations of the sounds.

    Good luck for next year
    Mrs Mckenzie from B4, New Zealand

    1. Dear Mrs. McKenzie,

      Thank you so much for leaving me such a lovely comment! I also liked the last piece. Many kids at my orchestra are from 11-14 year old. I am the youngest violinist. I think it helps that I also play the piano because I know many of the notes already.

      I hope you can come and visit us one day.



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