Saturday, September 29, 2012

Piano Pieces I learned Over the Summer

Over the summer, I learned many pieces that are composed in different periods, of music. The first piece is called Bourree II from French Overture by Bach. Bach is a German composer from the Baroque Period (1685-1750). To read more about Bach, you can visit my sister Miriam's two earlier posts. One post describes counterpoint, which is when you can hear two melodies in one piece. The other post is about Bach's life.

The piece that I am playing is a bourrée, which is a French dance from the 1600's. It is very slow for a dance, but it has a very beautiful melody.

My next piece is called Fur Elise by Beethoven. Beethoven was born in the Classical period (1770-1827). Nobody knew who Elise was, but they believe her name was Therese whom Beethoven loved.  Beethoven wrote this piece in the year 1810 when he was almost deaf, and in 1817 he became deaf. It is sad that Fur Elise was not published until 1865 when he was already dead. Miriam also played Fur Elise.

My final piece is called Valse Melancolique by Vladimir Rebikov. Vladimir Rebikov was born in the late Romantic period (1815-1910). He learned how to play the piano from his mother. This piece has a beautiful melody with a lot of feeling.

Which is your favorite period of music?


  1. Dear Sarah,

    Bravo! I loved all three piece you played as you really are quite a very talented girl.

    You really have opened up my mind to classical music which is truly wonderful.

    I hope you intend to play the piano for may years to come.

    Do you have an all time favourite piece of music which you love to play?

    Keep on playing the piano Sarah from a fan down under,
    AA :)

    1. Dear AA,

      Thank you so much for leaving me such a lovely comment. I appreciate that you always comment on my blog.

      I don't have a favorite piece. I love all the pieces that I play because my piano teacher lets me choose the pieces I play. If I don't like something, then I don't have to play it. My favorite composers are Bach and Chopin.

      What are your favorite composers?


  2. Dear Sarah,

    Well done! What a night I've had tonight. I am sitting outside on my deck looking at the stars and listening to a lovely piano recital from one of my former students! (I heard Hannah play as well!)

    I'm so happy that all of you are continuing to play and to blog about it!

    I used to play Fur Elise when I was younger. It is a real fun one to play! It does get quite fast though!

    Buck is here with me on the deck and seems to enjoy the music as well. What does Romeo do when you girls play the piano or violin?

    Mr. Yollis used to play the clarinet, and every time he played the dog would howl! Isn't that funny!

    Your proud former teacher,
    Mrs. Y♥llis

    1. Dear Mrs. Yollis,

      Thank you so much for leaving me such a lovely comment. I can't believe you also played Fur Elise! what was your favorite piece that you played?

      When I play the piano, Romeo sits right under my chair and listens. He especially gets excited when the piano teacher comes.

      Romeo howls when the fire trucks siren drive by. It sounds like he is singing, and it is really funny.


  3. Dear Sarah,
    We always like to see you play, you improved a lot in the last few months. I also see that you feel the music, it's very important that the teacher let you choose the music.
    When I come to your house and hear you play and it's sometimes the same music as your mom played when she was a child and it's reminds me of old time when we lived in West Hollywood in an apartment and she could not practice in the morning and in the evening so everyone in the building could sleep. I hope you will continue your good job playing piano and violin.
    Love you,
    Grandma Tanya and Grandpa Eugene

  4. Sarah
    Thank you so much for leaving a comment on our class page in New Zealand. Our students who are part of the cultural group that you left some wonderful questions about are on holiday at the moment and they won't be back at school for another week. In the Southern Hemisphere we're just heading into our Summer, so our students finish the school year in December and have six weeks off over Christmas. I will get the students who are in the cultural group to talk about it with you then, thank you so much for your comment the students will be thrilled, and a pleasure to find your wonderful page.
    Mr Webb and Room Five, Melville Intermediate School, Hamilton, Waikato, New Zealand.

  5. @ Sarah,

    Thank you for taking the time to write back to me and ask me an interesting question.

    I really don't have a favourite composer. My mum has and they are the two which are your favourite! I have to say great minds think alike Sarah!

    From your friend,
    AA :)


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